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Spitz: Healthy Mediterranean-Greek Food.

KG mentioned in a review, "Awful - Spitz is just awful! I had the Mediterranean Doner from here and it is wrong on so many levels. It was a soggy, sad, gloppy mess. First, it wasn't a doner kebab in any sense - I love the kebaps that available across German and this was nothing like those. Instead of a substantial base, this was severed in a paper thin wrap that was a total failure in keeping the ingredients inside. The mixed meat was terrible - no flavor and consisted of way too much filler and too little meat. It was mealy and had a texture that turned to mush with each bite. If that weren't enough, the whole thing was drenched in some type of sauce, it was supposed to be tzatziki, but like most things at Spitz, it had little bearing to the actual food it was named for. The overload of sauce and hummus and the lack of any texture in the meat turned the whole "doner" into a pile of glop. I tried, since I paid $10 for this atrocity, but 80% went straight into the trash. Go anywhere else but here for a Mediterranean style sandwich."


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Produktionsmitarbeiter, Bäckerei (Former Employee) says

"Sehr schlechte Pausen zeiten , Sehr schlechte Arbeitsklima Cons: nein"

Line Cook (Current Employee) says

"Everyone talks about DRUGS! A typical day at Spitz, clock in watch coworker serve raw chicken, Work faster then colleagues, Finished; then wait to go home. Cons: Slow, Food makes you sick, No hours, Everyone is part-time."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot of admin,marketing strategies,production line information and risk management. Cons: long hours"

Sales Assistance and Monetary finance (Former Employee) says

"It was a retail and it not a fun work place becouse iwe used to work standing the whole day wit uncomfortable shoes and working long hrs, and the salary was very less, productivity was balancing. Cons: long hours"

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"At spitz i have learnt to interact with people when coming communication, management was competent, i have learnt to work within a team as well, the hardest part was to meet my targets and to deal with difficult customers. Cons: 8 hour"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"needed a change from retail, so i resigned from retail.overal good company.even though the we had soem challenges.good people to work for.excellent staff Cons: long hours"

Retail Sales Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Hardest part probably hours bub learned alot dealing with conflict working under pressure how to deal with customers the importance of team work the best customer services that's being provided Cons: 10hours"

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I did enjoy my job. But I felt as if I was limited to learning new things as I was a casual worker and worked mostly on weekends and 3 days in a week. Cons: Limited to learning new things"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working with the company is was great and as days short staff and deadline to meet. Cons: working hours as per labour law"

Warehouse Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The Pressure was at the highest, However I work well under the pressure."

Prep Chef (Former Employee) says

"goes around your school schedule, but the old managers at the little Tokyo were really mean. they treated a sick dude that they were trying to fire like utter garbage. meaning he was bullied, ridiculed, and would get the blame for everyone's wrong doing at work, they would even go as far as to call him on his days off to vent rage on to him. Cons: you go home smelling like garlic"

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I think the company does not open opportunities for growth for students that acquire every year especially those they finally year. Learners add value great value to the organisation in December. Cons: Growth"

General sales consultant (Current Employee) says

"I have good customer service with experience an learn how to treat each customer that enter the store. I'm able to do admin work I can be a cashier an no how to receive stock an capture ."

General Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working at Spitz was a like a dream come true ,at time we were even taken to a customer training which was also like a team building type and it was great Cons: Long hours"

General store assistant (Former Employee) says

"Given opportunities to do everything from sales to administration.I enjoyed doing administration more than anything else.Hardest part of the job was standing all day.I learned a lot about customer service and its importance Cons: long hours"

Former Employee - Associate Attorney says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time for more than a year Cons: You will absolutely destroy your mental health if you work at Spitz. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how organized you think you are, this place will take years off your life. The case load is in the high 100s range, sometimes even in the 200s. Malpractice will be on your mind every single day you work for this firm. It’s not worth it."

Former Employee - Legal Assistant says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time for less than a year Cons: everything from atmosphere to benefits"

Former Employee - Associate Attorney says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time Cons: Surprised this firm is still in business. They interview all new prospective clients to see if there is a case. If you interview a client and find there was no discrimination or wrongful termination, you will be looking for a new job. The Firm's philosophy is to send threatening letters to companies hoping they will pay up to just make them go away. If they do not pay up they will proceed with litigation, even if it is frivolous. They are basically attempting to extort settlements from small businesses. The salaries are embarrassing. You can make more per hour at WalMart. Founding partner is a very conceded, rude, and shady guy. He only cares about himself and getting more clients, regardless of the legitimacy of their claims."

Former Employee - Paralegal says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible Office environment, terrible management. Staff is ok but the turn over is so high I wouldn't bother getting to know anyone's names."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time Cons: No work-life balance and the boss is very rude."

Former Employee - Associate Attorney says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time for more than a year Cons: Do you remember when you were little and you accidentally slipped into the deep end of the swimming pool, causing you to think death was imminent until you made your way back to the shallow end? That’s what you feel like working at the Spitz Law Firm— except there is no shallow end. Your case load will always be a problem. It is not unusual for attorneys at Spitz to have case loads in the high 80's (or higher) with at least two dozen of these cases being involved in active federal or state litigation. The managing partner believes that case loads in the 60's are low. There is no work life balance— he does not pay for your cell phone but you have to be checking your emails at all times. You will not sleep, your spouse/partner will hate how negative you become, and eventually you will lose all faith in humanity because the worthless, lying clients suck out your soul--- dementor style. You're strongly discouraged from turning a potential new client away, regardless of the actual merit behind their claims. It gets very frustrating very fast."

Former Employee - Associate Attorney says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time Cons: Very much a grind, low pay, general hostility from opposing counsels"

Current Employee - Associate Attorney says

"I have been working at The Spitz Law Firm full-time Cons: I enjoyed my time"

Former Employee - Attorney says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time for less than a year Cons: Benifit, both healthcare and retirement"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at The Spitz Law Firm full-time Cons: Please see the above review."

Lars Overby says

"Dårlig service. Hilsen Morten"

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